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Feeding Therapy

Our feeding clinic is appropriate for kids of all ages and backgrounds. Our focus is to provide tools for families of children who struggle to efficiently, safely, and/or enjoyably feed themselves.

Feeding Therapy in Portland, OR

Feeding Clinic

Parkwood Clinic’s feeding approach is tailored to increasing a child’s comfort level around food through exploration and learning, in addition to working on the muscular and coordinating skills to manage harder-to-chew foods. We use sequential steps to increase children’s comfort and confidence, building therapy programs that eventually allow smelling, touching and experiencing new foods to encourage positive mealtimes for the whole family.

Family members, caregivers, pediatricians and other professionals may also benefit from the support and training that Parkwood clinicians offer surrounding mealtimes. We use a variety of approaches, including Sequential-Oral-Sensory (SOS) approach to feeding in order to systematically approach mealtimes to encourage fun and non-stressful exploration of new foods!

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CALL US: 503-894-1539

Parkwood Speech & Therapy Clinic provides on-site and remote (tele-health) speech therapy sessions for toddlers and children across Oregon. Our brick and mortar location in Portland, OR near the Bridgeport shopping mall is within ideal driving distances for families in Portland, Lake Oswego, West Linn, Tigard, Beaverton, Oregon City, Clackamas, Wilsonville, Canby and more.

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