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Tele-Health Tips and Tricks for Kids with Hearing Loss

Did you know, kiddos using hearing technologies like cochlear implants and hearing aids can hook up to the computer or tablet using Bluetooth and activate their FM systems? FM allows for the clinician’s voice to be amplified directly into their ears to improve listening across contexts. FM has always been a valuable tool in classrooms, at parks and while riding in the car to improve their access to a specific speaker’s voice but using this feature in teletherapy can make or break the experience!


Sight Words: The Rule Breakers

Learning how to sound out words as an early reader is such an exciting and important milestone in the pre-literacy stage. Finally, words start to take their shape and early readers can access leveled stories and even read books! The confidence that grows when they finally feel like they can read is a crucial step in progressing through the pre-literacy hierarchy, but then comes the sight words.


How to Use Puppets to Promote Development

Puppets have been around since ancient times–literally. They were used to tell stories as early as the 5th century BCE, in ancient Greece. Aside from history, did you know that you can use puppets to support language and cognitive development with your little ones? Now is the time to unpack those fun childhood toys and utilize them in your daily learning routines. Below are some of the ways we use puppets here at the clinic on a daily basis.

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